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Sample Exam

Public Speaking

These are examples of the kinds of questions you should be able to correctly answer on a midterm exam. Go to final exam for sample final exam questions. To take the sample exam, simply click on the best answer choice; if you chose the right answer a message will appear "that is correct". Click on [return to exam] to continue answering questions. If you answer incorrectly, a message will appear giving you the correct answer with an explanation. Again, click on [return to exam] to continue the sample examination. For even more information, consult the study guide.

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1. The three major goals of public speaking or to inform, to convince, and to persuade.

2. Using the transition words "first", "secondly" or "in conclusion" would be boring and redundant.


3. Which of the following is NOT an essential element of an introduction?


4. Ethos, pathos, logos






5. Place the following main points, sub points, and sub points, in the correct order:

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Sample Final Exam Questions







1A. false. The three major goals of public speaking are to inform, entertain, and persuade.




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2A. False. "First", "second", and "in conclusion" are all good example of the kinds of transitions that serve as sign posts making it clear to audience where the speaker is in his or her speech.





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3A. Previewing supporting material. Supporting materials are the subpoints of you speech and the source you cite in the body. The elements of the introduction are: get the audience's attention, reveal topic, establish credibility, preview main points.




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4A. Were named by Aristotle. All three elements of ethos pathos and logos together are important to a good speech. Ethos refers to the credbility of the speaker, pathos to the emotions of the audience, logos to the speech itself.




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5A . outline order

I.(main point) Suicide among college students is a serious problem.

A. (subpoint) According to the National Institute of Mental Health, suicide is the fastest growing cause of death for people aged 17 to 24 nationwide.

B. (subpoint) Last year 10,000 young Americans committed suicide.

C. (subpoint) Even on our campus the rate of suicide and attempted suicide is quite high.

1. (sub-subpoint) In an interview with Roger Howard the associate dean of students, I learned that last year there were over 60 known suicide attempts on our campus.

2. (sub-subpoint) Dean Howard also said that for every known suicide attempt, two or three more go unnoticed.


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