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Universal Intellectual Standards

The Universal Intellectual Standards are questions to ask whenever it is important to evaluate information and opinions.  This holds true whether you are decision making, problem solving or researching a topic for personal knowledge or a paper. All facts, evidence, opinions, and reasoning should pass the following questions:

1.  Clarity

   Ask:  What exactly are we talking about?  Is there an example of this?

2.  Accuracy

   Ask:  Is this really true?  Can it be checked or verified through other sources?

3.  Precision

   Ask:  What are the details?  Be specific.

4.  Relevance

   Ask:  How does this connect to the issue at hand?

5.  Depth

   Ask:  Have all the issues been taken into account?

6.  Breadth

   Ask:  Is there another way to look at this issue/problem?

7.  Logic

   Ask:  Does this make sense?  Does this add up?  Are there any contradictions here?