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Sample Exam for Speech 321- Interpersonal Communication

These are examples of the kinds of questions you should be able to correctly answer on a midterm exam. To take the sample exam, simply click on the best answer choice - a message will appear giving you the correct answer with an explanation. Click on [return to exam] to continue the sample examination.

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Exam #1

(#1)1. According Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the most fundamental needs to satisfy are the:


(#1) 2. Interpersonal effectiveness is:



(#1) 3. The difference between the process of cataloging and stereotyping is:


(#1) 4. The main difference between substantive and affective conflict is:


(#1) 5. "How do you feel about that?" is an example of which listening response?




Exam #2


(#2) 1. Which of the following statements about communication is LEAST true?


(#2) 2. _______ lets you know how a given message is being received.



(#2) 3. The stages of perception are (in this order)





Exam #3

Hang on, I haven't posted these yet!




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