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Sample Exam for Speech 331

Group Communication

These are examples of the kinds of questions you should be able to correctly answer on an exam. To take the sample exam, simply click on the best answer choice; if you chose the right answer a message will appear "that is correct". Click on [return to exam] to continue answering questions. If you answer incorrectly, a message will appear giving you the correct answer with an explanation. Again, click on [return to exam] to continue the sample examination.

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1. A heated argument with lots of yelling is an example of a communication breakdown.

2. A secondary group (task group) designed to complete a project cannot help members satisfy their needs for inclusion, control or affection.

3. Member's desires to be accepted and not reveal too much or offend anyone are usually strongest in the ___________ phase (of Tuckman's model).

4. Attempts to assert individuality and express personal opinions are characteristic of the ______ phase (of Tuckman's model).


5. Cohesiveness is built during the ___________ phase (of Tuckman's model).



6. Systems theory is a useful perspective for studying sanll groups because


7. Which is NOT and example of a small group output?


8. Conflict can help a group because it



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