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Speech 301 - Exam Concepts to Study

Highlighted concepts represent those you must know in the proper order

Purposes of Public Speaking:

Delivery Styles - define and know benefits / drawbacks of each

Elements of Communication (see model) know all functions of each element

Active Listening (know order, significance of each stage & difficulties listeners experience in each stage)



Thesis Statements:

Demographic audience analysis (know what it is and what you use it for

Purposes of Using Visual Aids (also know basic principles for using visual aids)

Oral Citation of sources:

Elements of a good speech : ETHOS, LOGOS, PATHOS (know what each is, how it works, how to enhance)

Informative Organizational Patterns (know what principle each uses, be able to recognize from a given thesis)

Elements of Persuasion (Persuasion = Argument + Motivation)

Define Argument

Types of claims


Audience Interest Levels:

Audience position on policy (know how each audience type affects your specific purpose & techniques used to adapt well to each)

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (know structure, each need & concepts of using reward/carrot or punishment/stick appeals)  listed below in order from bottom to top

Monroe Motivated Sequence