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Alisa Shubb


This website was designed specifically for my Speech and Communication students, plus anyone who wishes to become more familiar with some of the essential elements of communicating effectively. Behold some of the areas you can visit on this page:

Student Bulletin: this section is just for students who are currently enrolled in one of Alisa's courses. FAQs syllabus, calendar and more.

Public Speaking: takes a look at the art of creating and delivering speeches.

Listening: gives guidelines for becoming a more effective listener.

Interpersonal Communication: a guide to improving and managing communication with others.

Group Communication: explores the dynamics of working in groups.

About the Author: friends of Alisa and those who would like to know more about her would want to visit here.

Hot List: check out these links to communication sites around the world wide web.

Student Bulletin


Public Speaking




Interpersonal Communication


Group Communication


About the Author


Hot list/References



Thank you for visiting this site. The Communication Pages are often updated so stop by frequently.


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